Behind The Veil - 2005-09-22

Last year I received the debut mini CD from The Grand Trick, a band that comes from Sweden. Before some days I gladly received the debut album from them with the title "The Decadent Session" which was released through Transubstans Records. On this album you will find nine tracks from the band. The Grand Trick has a lot of influences and basically their music is inspired by the 70s rock in the vein of DEEP PURPLE, URIAH HEEP and LED ZEPPELIN. Of course they have put their personal sound inside their songs and with a fresh air The Grand Trick released a very good album. Their compositions are well worked with interesting ideas and they have done an excellent work in the production and sound section which are almost perfect. Some of their songs are really catchy and easy to remember or just ideal for radio airplay. For sure the fans of 70s rock and the older rock fans will adore the stuff from The Grand Trick, the rest of you should at least make a try to hear their music, you will adore it. Well done guys!


- Antonis Maglara

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