The Grand Trick is a collective of musicians that advocates disobedience against the world mass manipulation. The Grand Trick is about opposing injustices and religions that sicken people. The Grand Trick is at the same time the exercise of anarchy. The members of The Grand Trick constitute the definition of what heavy rock is. A definition that is uncensored and pure. There is no fake image about The Grand Trick – it has never been and will never be. That makes The Grand Trick one of the purest band you will ever witness. Fuck posers.

Their music inspiration comes from the deepest cuts in the wrists, the most joyful trips, the simply ambivalence for life, the lust for life, the anger and love. The Grand Trick’s music has been described as a poisoned entrancing machine of heavy rock. The machine has a steady connection to the rock/pop/heavy rock that was produced in the hallucinogenic years of the 60´s and 70´s.

The Grand Trick was formed 2003 in the year of the goat – in the name of Lucifer. The band´s first EP "The First Trick" was released in 2004. In August 2005 Transubstans Records released The Grand Trick´s first full-length album "The Decadent Session", an album which received great responses all over the world. The Grand Trick´s third release "She's On the Run" was officially released in 2006. The second full-length album "Reminence Boulevard" was recorded at different times in between 2008-2010. But it wasn't released until March 2011. On that recording vocalist Robert Cunningham did the vocals. Unfortunately he died 2013. Vocalist Toby Poynter joined The Grand Trick late 2012 and the band started working on the EP "The Daily Dose". It was released March 1, 2013 by White Line Recordings.

The band is currently working on their third full-length album.

”The Grand Trick is the heavy rock band of the new millennium”