Grande Rock - 2005-09-14

Do you remember these guys from Sweden? I had written the review of their demo almost a year ago and I was impressed by their 70’s sound. I remember wishing them to find a label and now I received the band’s first full-length album from their label, Transubstans Records. I was very glad that the guys managed to make a deal with a label because I think they deserved it. This album contains all the three tracks that were included in the promo CD, the three tracks that were included in their demo “The First Trick”, but with a different – better sound, and three more new tracks... The general sound of this album is their familiar 70’s heavy rock music with some blues influences with no keyboards at all! Those who will think that the band is a clone of the 70’s bands, I must say that they are not just copying those bands, but they are playing the music they love from their hearts and that’s why they sound fresh! The band’s influences are Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, Grand Funk, UFO, Deep Purple etch and the production is very clean, but it is also old-school! Give these guys a chance and I think you will not regret it! I think that this album is best accompanied with a big glass of beer... Cheers!!!


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