Psychotropic Zone - 2005-11-05

Psychotropic Zone: 2005-11-05

The Grand Trick: The Decadent Session
Transubstans Records (Trans 010)

This five-piece band from Sweden plays very 70’s styled hard/heavy rock. Sometimes there are also some influences from the early 80’s NWOBHM side of things, so that I’m occasionally also reminded of early Iron Maiden and even Angel Witch. Transubstans and I, We’ve had some trouble with the promos of this album, since the first copy I got didn’t work at all, and only five of the tracks on this one work as well, no matter in what machine I put it in. Well, I guess you have to accept this if you want to send self-burned CD-R promos of your CD’s. The opener “Never Felt so Good” is a fast tempo rocker with a fine chorus. The guitar sound is pleasantly 70’s, and the guitar solos are really great. Old Judas Priest must have been a big influence. There is also some organ in there. A bit longer “Late Morning Daze” also includes a more peaceful, hazy part and some blues influences. The band plays very well together, and the music is interesting enough. On the basis of the first five tracks, this is pretty nice, mostly 70’s styled hard rock and if that’s your cup of tea you should check this out.

- Dj Astro

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