Prognaut - 2005-11-26

Prognaut: 2005-11-26

The Grand Trick are a new Swedish hard rock band that propels the listener back to the days when hard rock was still adventurous yet accessible. Their first album for Transubstans, The Decadent Session sounds straight out of the 70's. Had they released this album say in 1973, they’d be right up there with such giants as Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Thin Lizzy to name a few.

They are not a novelty act, they’re the real deal! They picked up basically where the 70's left off. This is a welcomed thing especially with the direction most of modern rock is going with it’s stale lifeless cookie-cutter songs.. The Grand Trick brings back the power and soul of rock n roll with a timeless feel.

So if you wish for those days and want something new to hear, then pick up a copy of The Grand Trick’s The Decadent Sessions and crank it up! The spirit of the 70's are back thanks to Transubstans Records and The Grand Trick This is a great release for those that lived the those time and for those who want to experience it for the first time. Highly recommended! Band and album!

- Ron Fuchs

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