Concrete Web - 2005-09-22

I've received a couple of CDs from bands on the Record Heaven/Transubstans label and one of them is the 2005 release from Swedish quintet The Grand Trick entitled "The decadent session”. The songs on ”The decadent session” are all solid rockers in the Uriah Heep /Deep Purple/The Who/Rainbow vein.They feature chunky guitars, sharp leads, and bluesy/eerie vocals that give each song soul. Guitarists Michael Karlsson and Stefan Johansson shred their way into six-string bliss on every track. While not entirely over-the-top, it's pretty clear to me that restraint wasn't necessarily the first thing these cohorts in guitar soloing concerned themselves with upon waking up each day.

“The decadent session” features 9 songs at more than 50 minutes and it doesn't seem like struggle to get through it all. All the songs have distinctive hooks despite not being terribly ground breaking. But that's OK, not everything has to push the musical envelope.

In the end, I'd have to say that The Grand Trick probably rock a little harder than the typical band on the Record Heaven roster, but that's based on my limited experience with the label's roster. Regardless, The Grand Tricks’ grand trick of hard rock is extremely satisfying and fun to listen to.


- Cosmicmasseur

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