Metal Hammer (Greece) Issue # 237 - 2004-07-13

Metal Hammer (Greece): Issue # 237

The Grand Trick is a new Swedish group introducing itself to us with its self released first demo recording, comprised of four tracks. The play old fashioned heavy rock with lots of early 80s metal elements and a production that seems to have been done by some NWOBHM sound engineer! Their style is defined by bands like UFO, Rainbow or Thin Lizzy, whereas they also draw inspiration from Judas Priest when they were still in their seventies era, old Iron Maiden, Diamond Head and some of Quartz. Their material should have been released sometime around the year 1977, but this doesn’t suggest at all that Grand Trick is out of time and space. Everything about them smells old and out of fashion, but especially in our times when sonic anant guarde-ness and the tendency to seek after the post modern has become an obsession to many, this quintet from the European North refuses to discover the vainly new and simply regenerates what is classic. Let me say that they don’t have a keyboard player but instead two guitars! I sense that Grand Trick is unique in what they are musically after, not only in the territory of the Swedish scene, but also in terms of this whole retro movement, a movement that genuinely contributes to the true progression of heavy music. Their soon to come full length album is eagerly anticipated.

- (c) Vasilis Zacharopoulos for Metal Hammer, Greece.

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