Grande Rock - 2005-02-04

The Grand Trick was formed in 2003 by Michael Karlsson (guitars), Jonas Malmqvist (bass) and Daniel Larsson (drums). “The First Trick” demo CD was recorded by the above trio and Karlsson did the vocals since the band didn’t have a lead singer that time. Stefan Johansson on guitars and Daniel Sandberg on lead vocals later, completed the line-up and the demo we present you here, is a re-recording of “The First Trick”, with these new musicians. The music style of this new Swedish band can be easily characterized as 70’s heavy rock! The guitars will remind you bands like Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, Grand Funk and UFO and in general the sound will remind you of the aforementioned bands and the early NWOBHM groups! Even the production sounds so oldschool that you would never guess that this demo was recorded before a few months and not 25 or more years ago! The four tracks that they present on this CD are very good and interesting for those who love the old heavy rock days… I am now waiting for their debut album in order to listen more songs from the band. Listen to the following two tracks and you will understand what I am talking about: “Rollercoaster Ride” and “Never Felt So Good” (the Rainbow influences are clear!). Contact the band through their e-mail or order the CD at: and: (Greece).

- George Kouvelis

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