The Temple Of Metal - 2004-11-23

The Temple Of Metal:

The Grand Trick is a newcomer band from Sweden, within the last year they have released this demo Cd with four songs. Musically the band deliver to us a pure heavy rock sound from the 80s decade with a touch of NWOBHM and some (other) metal elements. In here you can hear influences from various bands like : Iron Maiden, UFO, Diamond Head, Rainbow and Thin Lizzy.... The demo contains some really nice guitar riffs like for example the track "The grand trick".

The production is very good and the sound too. Their cover is sadly simple (the one guitar player and nothing more). Now if I am not mistaken the band finish their first full length album, so really soon we will have the opportunity to hear more songs from them and Personally the last two tracks ("The grand trick" and "Never so good") are my favorites.

For sure the older metal fans will love this release and probably some new ones too.

- Antonis Maglaras

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