Grande Rock - 2005-01-13

This is the second CD that I received from The Grand Trick band, in a very short period. This promo includes three songs of which two of them are new (“Long Way From Home” and “Without Anything Within”). The third one is the track “Never Felt So Good”, which was the forth track of their previous release. The band is about to release its first full-length album (“The Decadent Session”) and is searching for a label. So, the tracks that included here are going to be in the track list of their future album, which is going to include about 10 songs. These three songs balances between the familiar band’s sound or else the 70’s heavy rock sound. The two new songs are very interesting and as I have already written “Never Felt So Good” is an amazing song which, I believe, is going to become the hit of their debut album. The sound of the songs isn’t very good, because these tracks are unmixed and not mastered. So, the final result will be much better! I hope that the band will find a good label soon, if it hasn’t found so far...

- George Kouvelis

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