Tales Of Wonder - 2006-01-04

I easily could have thought of The Grand Trick as an old hard-rock band from the seventies and "Decadent Session" could have been one of the several and very good reissues made by Transubstans records. On the contrary, this swedish five-piece coming from Linkoping was born in may 2003, that is the day before yesterday. The music played by this band takes an overall inspiration by the seventies hard rock scene featuring Deep Purple, Ufo, Thin Lizzy and Uriah Heep, though the list could go on. My favorite comparison is to Ufo/Thin Lizzy, probably due to the Johan Dahnberg's voice that is very close to the Phill Mogg's one, but also due to the guitar lines reminding me the earliest Michael Schenker. Certainly this comparison is strenghtened by the wonderful (and my absolute favourite song) "Late Morning Daze", deeply influenced by the Ufo/Thin Lizzy school. Another favourite is "Without Anything Within" where the band adds some echoes of southern-rock feeling; besides even the recording is intentionally rough and quite muffled just to give the listener a deja-vu feeling. Well, "Decadent Session" is not a surprising album but it offers a so pleasant listening and really good executions ... and I must say I always feel good everytime I listen to the music which I grew up with. Good job.

- Luca Alberici

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