Metal Observer - 2006-02-25

If you're looking for a big ol' slab of 70's Retro Rock with appropriately Progressive tendencies, THE GRAND TRICK debut might hit the spot. What we have here is a solid little block of heavy Rock, with quite a few catchy moments and some interesting forays into psychedelia. Fans of the 70's era will definitely find something interesting here, though not necessarily anything new.

But just to emphasize - I say that this is solid Rock, but it is far from rock solid. To anyone not obsessed with 70's-style Rock - complete with appropriate production - this might sound a bit flat and maybe a bit stale on top of that. Of course, none of it is bad - well, except for the absolutely horrendous backing vocals on a few of the tracks, most notably "Never Felt So Good" - but it takes a certain sort of fan to be really moved by this sort of music.

"The Decadent Session" isn't a love-it-or-hate-it album, but more of a love-it-or-ignore-it sort. He who enjoys music from this period or the other output of Transubstans will fall into the "love it," while most everyone else will find this one to be a sleeper.


- Wesley

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