Reminence Boulevard was recorded at different times between 2008-2010, partly in Real Music Studio in Stockholm (Sweden) and Acid Studio in Linköping (Sweden).

Engineerers: Per Ängkvist and THE GRAND TRICK.

Mastering by Dan Swanö at Unisound.

Album cover by Joakim Wedholm and Daniel Larsson

Official Release Date for Reminence Boulevard: March 10, 2011

Track List

1 Hitman Blues
2 Frequent Flyer
3 Face In The Moon
4 Rollercoaster Ride
5 Eraserhead
6 Daddy Mc The Knife
7 The River Queen
8 When Is Your Hell
9 Dog On A Leash
10 Reminence Boulevard

© 2011, All music and lyrics performed and written by THE GRAND TRICK

reminence boulevard